Family History Can Be Difficult

If your family story includes African American or Native American ancestors, it is often hard to trace your family more than a couple of generations. The records can be incomplete and sometimes only have partial information. I have successfully researched and traced many African American and Native American families back to the Civil War. Let me help you discover the story of your family's past.

You Value Quality and Accuracy

You can be confident that your family tree is precise and correct. Rigorous standards of research and analysis are applied to each record and document before including any fact or person to your family tree. To get started on your family tree, simply click here. 

Meet Kate Eakman, Your Family Historian

I have been studying history and family history almost all of my life. My formal training is as a historian, with an M.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I spent 20 years as college history professor and high school history department chair. I believe that a well-told story can do much to express the time and place of our ancestors.

A Little Philosophy with your Family History

The purpose of family research is to know, understand, and celebrate the events that relate to our families. 

While delving into the past may produce some less-than-savory characters, or put an end to a cherished family legend, a sense of humor and a desire for truth will enable us to appreciate our families as they were and are. 

  • Identification of Slave Ancestors

  • Italy

  • Southwestern U.S.

  • Canada

  • ​California Native American

  • ​Choctaw

  • Immigrant Ancestor​

  • England to the 1500s

  • ​DNA Research

  • Ireland

  • Jamestown, Virginia

  • Cherokee Ancestors

  • ​Germany

  • Pacific Northwest

  • Civil War Soldiers North & South

  • ​France

  • Westward Expansion of U.S.

  • Probate Research

  •  Greece

  • Trail of Tears

  • New England

  • Russia

  • ​Mexico

  • ​Southeastern U.S.

  • ​Daughters of the American Revolution

  • Texas "Old Three Hundred" Ancestor

  • ​And more... 


Your family's story is history. Period.

So what if you aren't related to someone famous? Or infamous. Every family history is interesting and worthy of telling. Wherever they came from, however they arrived here, and whatever they did after that, your family's story is your story, full of danger, romance, hard work, and joy. Let History & Heritage help you discover the history, and the story, of your family.

Experience Matters. So Does Teamwork.

I have assembled a team from across the country and around the world to assist me: researchers in Salt Lake City who scour the enormous Family History Library for records and documents, a military historian, an Irish historian, experts on the history of clothing, a student of medical history, a glass-plate photographer, and more. That's a lot of experts focused on your family story!

Family Genealogy: No-Longer-Untold Stories

The stories I have already told cover a wide range of time and place. Below is a list of some of those wheres and whens of previous genealogy research. Chances are at least one of these is similar to part of your story. Let's get started on discovering more details about your family ancestry!